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Petyou Points

Petyou Points is a rewards and friend referral system,  We like to give back.

Earn points from us which convert to gift vouchers for you to spend on products in our online store.  Its that catches or gimmicks just a good honest reward program for being part of the Petyou family.

How to earn points:

Signing up as a customer (earn 200 Petyou Points)

Place an order (earn 200 Petyou Points)

Referring friends to sign up (earn $5 coupon, Friend also receives 10% off coupon) 

Like our on Facebook via points link. (earn 50 Petyou Points)

Share our on Facebook via points link. (earn 50 Petyou Points)

Follow our Instagram via points link. (earn 50 Petyou Points)

Have a birthday YAY!! (earn 200 Petyou Points)

How many points to receive coupon:

500 Petyou Points = $5 coupon 

1000 Petyou Points = $10 coupon

500 Petyou Points = $25 coupon

5000 Petyou Points = $50 coupon

Gift vouchers are no transferable and not exchangeable for cash.