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KittyBox Cat Monthly Subscription Box

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Give your cat exactly what they deserve...a KittyBox full of awesome cat products.

The KittyBox is a subscription box just for cats, shipping fun toys, yummy treats and cool lifestyle products to your doorstep every month. Each box is curate to include items to win over your little feline. You may find that your cat will also love the box itself, We all know that cats love to sit in boxes.

During the special holiday months we create themed KittyBoxes to help you spoil your cat.

Please note image is as an example only and does not represent actual package. Package may include treats toys bowls or collars which is all dependant on the monthly box contents.

Place your Pre-Order now to ensure your cat gets its very own KittyBox! 

Orders must be in by the end of the month, 30th or 31st, as we pack and post boxes in the first week of the month between 1st and 7th of the month. 

Cut off dates:

  • March 31st for sending in first week of April.
  • April 30th for sending in first week of May.
  • May 31st for sending in first week of June.
  • June 30th for sending in first week of July.
  • July 31st for sending in first week of August.